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Thanks to everyone who has ordered I like postcards. They're going like hot cakes. Glasgow readers can now pick up a set from Hitherto in Ingram Street (in the back of Tinderbox). This is far and away the best shop in Glasgow, full of the most amazing stuff. There's a great selection of wonderful hand-made crafty things from Glasgow and other bits and pieces from around the world. Mostly within budget as well with lots of great things for under £10.

What's been great about making the postcards is people getting in touch when they get them and (1) saying thanks and (2) saying which one is their favourite. Some people like Rich (above) even take photos when they arrive. So far I think Funland is marginally out in front, although Chalet and Jug of Tea are close behind. I'll send any remaining orders tomorrow so please order here if you want to get in quick. Free badge while stocks last.

i can't wait - are they going to be super rare or can i cross some off for xmas prezzies?

(1) thank you Anne, they are great! and i love/i like my new badge too. Cheers!
(2) has to be the horn with its suicidal cow for me

I took a picture of mine, too :)

My favourite is FUNLAND. Thanks, Anne!

I've (reluctantly) parted with two of them already - Net Curtains and Sweet Shop. I love how they've gone on this little online/offline journey...

My favourite is Barbapap and family with Funland a close second!

thank you ever so much my dear - ours came to brighten up dreary manchester today, one lot for keeps and one to send.
and lost beautiful funland is top of my pile

I like mine very much, and the badge is worn with pride. Today my favourite is 'Jug of Tea'. But I love the adult fun picture referenced by acejet. Thanks in abundance.

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