The Midland Hotel, Morecambe

Quick plug for the new, appropriately streamlined website for The Midland Hotel in Morecambe, as seen on last night's Coast (although I missed it being in that London). Kate who introduced the Knitted Village to Nothing To See Here designed the website for the Friends of the Midland Hotel - they've done a tremendous amount to make sure that the restoration gets the place back to its wonderful Art Deco glory. It only costs £5 per year to support this very good cause. I'm joining up now.

Ah, the Midland. My favourite building. I do hope Urban Splash can make a go of it being a hotel, I'd love to stay there. Can't help feeling it could end up a white elephant again and end up as (yawn) luxury flats.

Hey Anne - great minds think alike - I've just blogged on the very same thing!

Hi there, Well, the good news is - the first rooms have been fitted out already. So it definitely isn't going to be luxury flats! I for one am looking forward to sipping a cocktail on the terrace watching the sunset over the bay! Kate

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