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I've got a big couple of weeks coming up as I've been asked to speak at two events within a few days of each other. Nervewracking. On Thursday I'm going to be speaking at Glasgow School of Art's study day for second year students. It's a real honour to be asked as I wouldn't have put myself top of the list of people who could tell art students a thing or two, but I'll do my best.

If there's anyone reading this who's coming along is there anything you'd like to know? I feel a bit disadvantaged not knowing much about art but I suspect in this case my ignorance is my strength. I'm planning on talking about what I do, why I do it and what I've learnt along the way. That doesn't seem very earth-shattering but it's all I know. So, any questions shout them out. This will be an extended version of whatever I'm going to say at interesting2007 so requests from interesting delegates/anyone else also welcome. What do you think I can bring to the table?

I've never really figured out what you do for a living?

Join the club!

Only joking. I'll explain at some point. Nothing exciting really, and not that related to I like so I don't talk about it much.

I've no advice for you, not good advice anyway, but I did notice that 'Nothing to see here' in the Guardian Guide's blogroll this week.

Congrats (although I don't think anyone actually reads that section apart from other bloggers).



Don't under sell yourself ! I'm particularly disapointed that I won't be at Interesting 2007 because that looks like an excellent day. If you bring a tiny amount of what you manage to do on I Like to either event then the audience will be very well served indeed.

Simon James x

Will - that's NTSH's second time. Must go for the hat trick.

Simon James - thank you. That's very kind. I'd hoped to be able to plug interesting so people could get tickets but it sold out straight away. I'm a bit worried it will be all ad wonks, but hopefully they'll be kind. I think it's getting webcast anyway so at least you can view from the comfort of your own home.

I was curious what you did for a living too, I thought you're an ambassodor or something that involved travelling the world. Second thought its quite good not knowing.

Good luck on your talk, I'm sure it will go well.

Thanks for an excellent talk - I liked!

Wil - I'm definitely not saying what I do now. Your version is much more interesting.

Susannah - thanks! It was lovely to meet you. I'll be at the degree show on Thursday so hope to see you then. You can't keep me out of the Art School now.

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