Okay, I've got some kind of payment system worked out. I think. If you'd like to buy I like postcards the details are here. Any questions please let me know.

I was saying at interesting2007 that this is quite a proud moment. I love postcards so much, it's exciting to have made some. I do worry about what the web is doing to the world's postal services so it's good to be putting something back.

Update: The link doesn't seem to be working in some browsers. Sorry. Can't figure out what's going on. I'll need to look at it tonight when I get home. Please bear with me.. OK. The link should be fixed now. Order here.

Yay! Ordered, thanks Anne :)

It may be something to do with your "filed under:" tag of "postcards"? This then links to (probably via Movable Type’s permalink system, in turn via an Apache .htaccess file) which then clashes with your original file, which is, I think, /postcards/index.html

Might want to FTP in, move the /postcards/ index.html to somewhere like /shop/postcards/index.html instead and then update the link?

Hope that helps! :)

Yes! That was it. Thanks - I couldn't figure out what was going on.

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