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Yesterday's Herald article is now up on Flickr (my scanner hasn't worked in ages so photos have to do - bit blurry but still legible). Turned out well, I think. It's a bit about I like and Nothing To See Here and a bit about me. For the curious, it does actually say what I do for a living. Sadly Occupation: Blogger isn't totally true.

The photo was taken in the window of the Val D'Oro which is one of Glasgow's oldest cafes. The signage is partcularly fine. More photos here. Thanks to Teddy Jamieson at The Herald for asking me in the first place, and to Simon Murphy for taking such nice pictures.

Oh Anne .. how lovely to see you in 'person' as it were...you are as lovely as I imagined...I still enjoy visiting your site even if I rarely 'post' and your fabulous photos always come to mind when I'm on my travels and just about to 'aim and shoot'..thanks for all the entertainment...increase the peace!


Carry on like this and you might be able to make a living out of it!

First time ever I have bought the Herald on saturday...

The thing I like bout I like is the lightness and enthusiasm; I get a bit bogged down in long term projects about broken modern things and it's great to be reminded of the daily, the beautiful, and strange typography. So with that in mind I'm off to do a series on strawberry roadside signs which are all over the place where I live...

Best wishes from Gair

Great to see the face behind the blog! Good article, and great blogs. Next time I'm in Glasgow I'll have to check out the shop that sells your postcards, sounds like just my sort of thing.

Anne- you look just like you do in your logo!

That's a really good piece, letting the reader know just enough but making them curious enough to look at the blogs as well. Well done. TV appearances next I presume? (tee hee)

Very nice piece/photo. That'd have made me curious if I didn't know the site already. Bet you get a spike in your visitor count.

400 a day is impressive though...probably a bigger audience than some of your beloved C86 bands were used to!

(Got to ask: what's a potato scone? That's like a potato cake, right? Mmm...carbohydrates.)

congratulations! great to put a (lovely)face to a name. i really liked the tone of the article and i also hope you'll have the opportunity to make a television appearance in future.

now where's my egg beans potato scone and toast. and no sugar in the tea please.
i shouldn't look here so early - cereal tastes rubbish now...

That's brilliant Anne! Congrat's etc.

(Incidentally, while you were away I sneaked into your Flickr stuff and knicked a couple of images for FTF. Hope that's OK.)

Hello Richard. I tried to leave a comment on your blog saying that was fine. Good, in fact. Do help yourself!

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