The postcard orders have quietened down and everything's been sent out. If you ordered some and they haven't arrived yet please let me know. There are still packs left if anyone else is tempted. Order here. I'm thinking of trying to get them into more shops - can anyone suggest places that might be interested? I was thinking of little shops and galleries that might be into this kind of thing. There are a few in Glasgow so I'll try them first, but any tips further afield would be most welcome.

I reckon the Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street in Edinburgh might be a good place to try.

The shop at Dundee Contemporary Arts might be a good one...

Thanks both. I did think of the DCA one. They've got some cracking stuff.

I reckon the Here shop on Stokes Croft/Cheltenham Road in Bristol would be just the place x

thanks rich. I've never been to Bristol. Useful tip.

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