If everything goes to plan there will be a short interview with me in this Saturday's (Glasgow) Herald, in the Lifelines section of the magazine. It's all a bit scary, but exciting too. The Herald doesn't put everything online but I'll post it up somehow. I'm always a bit loathe to talk about I like here - blogging about blogging isn't a great spectator sport, but it's been good to think about what I do and why I do it for this interview which happened around the same time as interesting2007 and the talk at Glasgow School of Art. Everything has felt oddly quiet since.

i'm here because of the herald article, looking forward to reading the blog.

Hello Zoe, thanks for stopping by.

Congratulations Anne, looking forward to reading the interview.
It's great that something as good as I Like is being picked up on and you're getting interviews and the like, mind you it's no real suprise, quality will out and all that.
Congrats again.


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