Sunset ices

Anyone heading to Morecambe this weekend for the swinging Tutti Frutti 1950s seaside festival look out for the uber-stylish Sunset Ices ice cream van with its wonderful "Everyday is like sundae" slogan. Morrissey did write that about Morecambe after all. This is the brainchild of Kate Drummond who made such a lovely job of the Midland Hotel website and introduced the Knitted Village to Nothing To See Here. By way of return, after reading about the Top Hat - an ice cream delicacy peculiar to Rothesay (an ice cream cone with a snowball on top) on Nothing To See Here, she has introduced it to Morecambe as the Snowball Topper. As well as great ice cream she's got a little art gallery going in the back. If you're down that way do drop by and say hello. She'll be on the prom every weekend from Friday to Sunday.

How lovely. Can't wait for the Midland to be finished.

i can't believe i'm reading this on monday.
at least we'll get to see that lovely van next time we're there.

I know, sorry Ally. I realised as I put that up on Friday night it was going to be a fat lot of use. Still, that'll teach you to pay attention at all times.

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