The George Hotel., Buchanan St, Glasgow

This is quite a find - a beautiful Flickr set of The George Hotel in Glasgow's Buchanan Street. It was a ropey looking place, in one of those big sooty sandstone blocks that stood out like a sore thumb as the rest of Glasgow's buildings were sandblasted into cleanliness. I walked past it most days and wondered what it was like inside, before it was gutted to become the Virgin Megastore. It's great to see how it looked, and lovely to know it has been captured somewhere. Claim to fame: this bedroom was where the end of Trainspotting was filmed. Check out more decayed and decaying places from Michael Prince and the Disappearing Scotland pool.

i cannot believe that this beautiful building was what is now the virgin megastore. i never knew. what a pity it went from rags to, um, riches. thanks for pointing it out. there are also a load of black and white images from 1911 on the canmore website (accessed through the royal commission on the ancient and historical monuments of scotland website, NMRS number NS56NE 358).

What a stunning set of pictures.

His set of pictures of the Barrrowland Ballroom are fantastic too. I really hope that it's not going to end up disappearing too...

I remember poking my head in the door to have a look in the foyer. I'm sure there was a strange mannequin or something there. I never got beyond the front door, so its great to see what it was like inside.

i can't believe that's where virgin is now.
beautiful photos.

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