Space House

I'm pleased to have contributed some photos of Centre Point and Space House to a feature on Colonel Richard Seifert at Archinect. They approached me directly to use the photos not mentioning that Owen Hatherley who writes one of my very favourite blogs - Sit Down Man, You're a Bloody Tragedy wrote the piece. There's a six degrees of separation thing going on here. Also, while the photos might look planned and well executed I had no idea that "Space House" was a Richard Seifert building. I wandered past it after interesting2007 and thought "Ooh, that looks a bit like Centre Point", took some photos, Bob's your uncle. I imagine all great architectural photographers work this way.

They're much, much better than my photos of the same building, so it's just as well...

I think I was just luckier with the weather.


Grrreat pictures Anne.
My mind boggled when I first viewed 'Sky House' (never heard it called that before). Tucked way in that side street, it's like someone dumped a live-sized recreation of a Gerry Anderson set in the middle of Holborn.

The chap works in 1 Keble St, which causes me no end of amusement.

He was staggered that I like Centre Point yesterday.

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