I like is 5 years old this week. It's been a big year - the year I came out in some ways, speaking at Glasgow School of Art and interesting2007, getting interviewed for The Herald, making postcards. I guess everyone has different reasons for blogging (and not blogging). I still feel like I stumbled into it, looking for a place to think out loud and never expecting to find so many interesting people doing likewise. To see the lines between the online and offline worlds blurring is an unexpected pleasure.

Since that flurry of activity in the summer various technical problems have dampened my ardour so I feel a bit detached. I think the direction of I like has changed a bit this year as I'm not interested in much beyond family life, offbeat travel and a small circle of other websites. I'm spending more time outside and less time online. I consume less, mostly because I've been really skint so there are fewer links about things that cost money. Apart from that it's still the same site as it was 5 years ago. With every year I lose some readers and gain others but I try to fill a space on the internet with things that don't get the attention they deserve. Luckily there seems to be no end of them.

A big, big thanks to all of you who read, comment, email and generally support I like. That's what keeps it going. Someone said a lovely thing, that it's "like a butterfly in other people's gardens". If that's how all this comes across it's a great reason to keep going. Here's to another year.

Here's to more than one more year.

happy birthday to you
happy...well, you know the rest.

Many happy returns!

Happy Birthday!

it's a good time to be five.

keep calm and carry on!

Happy birthday to I like!

Hurray - and still the most interesting website on the wireless intergramulator.

happy birthday!

and i agree with gareth...i think.

Happy Birdbaths! Her'es to another five years!

Don't worry about evolution - it'll look after itself. Keep 'em coming and so will we.

Yes, well done.

Hi Anne, Happy Birthday! Here's to another 5 years!! Kate x

anne my dear

our exile in the northwest would've been a vastly horribler thing without the brilliant stuff we've found via i like. sunset ices, the knitted village and the world federation of world towers stuff in blackpool tower for a start. and thats before i even think about all the internet tips.
so thank you ever so much and happy birthday

Five years and quality all the way - happy birthday!

Thank you for all the grand stuff. Happy birthday and here's to many years more!

Thanks for the fantastic photos, interesting links, etc. And congrats on keeping it going for 5 years. Your website is much appreciated.

Thank you for all the grand stuff. Happy birthday and here's to many years more!

I love I like

I'm really looking forward to the next 5 years, Anne. I'm sure there are lots of little treasures out there just waiting to be discovered and passed on to us in your usual elegant and erudite way. And I can't wait. And I'll still be visiting daily on your 10th birthday, I'm sure.

So, you'll have gathered by now: I like I like.


yeah. hearty congrats.

happy oldness (cyberly speaking)

keep up the terrific work

Happy birthday! I Like is a lovely place to visit, always something of interest to be found. I've learned so much from the site and most of all it's fun!


Hooray for you and hello to the readerworld!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, and thanks for brightening up my days - Ilike is my homepage...

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

Fabulous! Keep on keeping on. Definitely best thing on the web.

Thanks everyone. Very, very kind of you to say so.

Happy Birthday I Like.

Belated congratulations, Anne!

I like is my favourite regular stop on the interweb (except for last week when I was away and missed the anniversary, sorry!)

Anne, congratulations and well done! I often wonder where you find the time to do it, but I'm glad you do :)

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