Seaside shelter, Aberdeen beach

We had a little jaunt to Aberdeen for the holiday weekend. I lived there for a while in the early 90s and am immensely fond of the place. I like the greyness of the granite and the steely blue skies. There are lots of really stunning buildings that no one seems to bother about. It's colder than Glasgow but drier so I remember lots of sunny days wandering about when I should have been studying. I could happily retrace my steps for days there but that isn't much fun for the kids. So we went to the beach, which is the perfect place to be on a cool autumnal morning and walked about the fun fair before heading down to Footdee for a look at the little houses and big ships. Then we went to Storybook Glen, of which more later, once I can find words to sufficiently describe it. Pictured is one of Aberdeen's seaside shelters. I took loads of pictures of these over the summer. I like the way that Aberdeen's are rock hard but also kind of graceful. It made me think of Le Corbusier's Chapel at Ronchamp, an unlikely comparison.

Fittie is one of my favourite bits of Aberdeen. The other side of the harbour was all like that until the oil came in the 70s and they knocked down nearly all of the little houses to build ugly oil terminals. Shame, eh.

That is a shame. It's so lovely. What's the deal with the sheds? Do they belong to the houses opposite?

I always thought the sheds were little houses that people lived in. Very old people.

Very small old people.

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