From YouTube, 3 delightful short films by Saint Etienne and Paul Kelly about London's disappearing classic cafes. It's even more precious because they've all closed now. Each features a voiceover from the owner telling the tale of that particular establishment. Great stuff.

Today's Special 1: Tea Rooms

Today's Special 2: Eldon Street

Today's Special 3: New Piccadilly

More on these and other great caffs at Classic Cafes.

oh jeez those are heartbreaking. egg on toast from the tea rooms sustained me for many years and the copper grill was always a treat when i headed east. and everyone knows the joys of the new piccadilly.
it is a sad and beautiful world...

Lovely. I knew the Copper Grill well, though I never got a chance to go to the Tea Rooms. Ironically, when I first moved to That London in 1992 I went in the New Piccadilly and thought it was really expensive, not being much of a tea drinker. I learned to love it later, though. Even in '92 these places were so ubiquitous it was only the truly amazing ones like the NP that I really noticed. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Great films. Elegaic. That's the word.

I used to like the Tea Rooms, which was handy for a lot of fusty second-hand bookshops as well as the museum.

Gutted that I never got it together to visit the Copper Grill. It looks even more gorgeous in the film than it does in the books...

Lorenzo of the NP was interviewed on BBC London the day bedore it closed. His official line has always been that he'll be glad to get off the treadmill, but he confessed to being affected by the emotional atmosphere. It sounded like there was a party going on in the background!

Yup, I was there for the NP closing night.
No speech from Lorenzo, but he received a standing ovation at one point and had to wipe away a tear.
The Burlesque/ retro crowd were out in force and I sat at the table across from Jarvis Cocker.

Oh yeah, and for the 3 weeks leading up to closure the place was heaving every night.
I had to queue for a table on the closing night.

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