Pavilion Cafe window, Troon

There was a nice article about classic cafes (scanned) in the Scottish Sunday Times today, featuring quotes from Adrian Maddox and yours truly on the delights of caffs. It bills I like as a classic cafes site which isn't strictly true. It's a classic everything site, if it's anything. So anyone looking for cafes might like to see these photos and more on Flickr. They're all due for a clear out so please bear with me. Nice to know that all those hours spent filling my face has paid off.

Otherwise, there's been a lack of cafe news lately. I revisited a few over the summer and was pleased to see so many still standing. In Troon, Togs has gone, but the Pavilion Cafe (pictured) still survives against all odds. It's also worth mentioning that the New Piccadilly, one of London's finest is due to close forever on 23 September. Go now while you still can.

You must come to Millport and visit our cafe. It's exactly as it ws in the 1960's - decor , jukebox, staff and all.
We sell traditional ice cream, hot peas, knickerbocker glories and good frothy white coffee - not mochaccino, americano or skinny lattes !!!!
No trip to Millport is complete without a cycle round the island and a '99' cone from 'The Ritz'.

Funnily enough, I was just talking about doing that this weekend. If the weather holds up we'll pop over and visit. Are you open Sundays too?

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