hiya - i've been lurking, reading i like for a while, and am moved to comment as i currently work as a temp for the northern ireland tourist board and we got accused of 'paddywhackery' by a local politician a couple of weeks ago. ironically, it was a sinn fein politican who nags us consistently to promote trad irish crafts, music and the west belfast feile who made the accusation.

anyway, i love this site - my boyfriend directed me here as he reckoned it was right up my street, and he was spot on. keep writing!

Hi Miriam, nice to see you coming out of the shadows. What a great word - perfect! Thanks.

I am American and I don't know how I should think of the Scottish now...Your site is my only vision. Well, this and Roddy Frame and an old Gregory's Girl VHS that I don't think works any longer. I am at a loss.
Love your site.
Once Lurker,

Hi Suzanne - the I like/Roddy Frame/Gregory's Girl vision you have is pretty accurate for many people in the central belt (between Glasgow and Edinburgh and around). And it's a nice one so stick with that.

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