James Bond Pan paperbacks

Hot on the heels of those fab Beatles stamps, James Bond is next to be commemorated by the postal service (thanks Lucy). The stamps out in January 2008 show 4 different editions of 6 Bond novels. It's a tribute to James Bond and classic book cover design rolled into one. Although they're all mighty fine I have a fondness for the Pan paperbacks - classy and schlocky at the same time. Biorhythm who took the picture above links to the extensive Pan Paperbacks Collectors website which has lots of cover galleries and a brilliant interview with two of the cover artists Sam "Peff" Peffer and Pat Owen. Good to know that they always read the books before designing the covers.

Ah I knew you would make a better job of this than me! I've got a few of those Pan ones... thunderball has real holes in the cover.

Cor, I've got that copy of Thunderball too but never noticed they were real holes. Nice!

i've been meaning to send people stuff more and these are a fantastic encouragement. i shall be buying lots.
can we still get postcards ?

These are great, It reminds me of the one's I read in the old Pan editions. The art of the illustrators in using a simple image to sum up the book is incredible, such as the covers for OHMSS or You only live twice.
The covers of the latest reprint are great-co designed by richie fahey (and I've just found a website of his work) They've obviously read the books as well and given them a modern but pulp-fiction look.

Those Beatles stamps where the first time I've gone and bought the single sheet, brilliantly designed too. The bond stamps are good but I wish they were more than the 4 books placed in a row, it doesn't feel as if much thought has been put into them.
Thats a great interview with the artists.

I have all the Fleming Bond books, nearly all in the original Pan covers - I think the collection only falls down on From Russia With Love. They are fantastic designs.

Ally - sorry, just noticed your question. Postcards aplenty, yes.

Hurrah for bring and buy sales.. I picked up three old Pan books this weekend - The Dambusters, Hornblower in the west indies and Fiesta by Hemingway!
all for less than a quid.

Lucky you - sounds like a good haul.

Many thanks for the plug for the Pan Paperbacks Collectors website. I run it as a hobby and not as an obsession as my wife says,and any visits make it all worth while.

My pleasure Tim. It's a great site. Thanks for putting so much work into it.

Man, you Brits get all the good stamps!

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