Here's a curious thing. Look at this picture (via Coudal) and see which way the dancer is rotating. Clockwise means you're right brain dominated (feeling, "big picture", imagination), anti-clockwise is left brain (logic, detail, facts). I clearly see the dancer spinning clockwise so I'm more right-brained, which probably figures as I'm left-handed. I'd be very interested to know if I like's readership is particularly right-brained or left-brained. What do you see?

Update [Saturday morning]: It's split about 50:50 between clockwise and anti-clockwise with lots of people seeing her change direction. Even though people have explained how to do that I still can't see her going anything but clockwise. Lots of right-handed see her clockwise although no lefties owned up to seeing her anti-clockwise. ManxStef pointed it out on Boing Boing where there are other explanations, and suggestions that it's a straight optical illusion. Maybe so. I never could get those Magic Eye pictures either.

Anti-clockwise for me sadly...
In fact no matter how I concentrate on it (like it says to) I can't ever see her going clockwise...

Pretty disappointed to be honest, wish I had more imagination...

Ho hum.

Loving The Human League by the way Anne.
Always a massive favourite of mine.


Hi Simon - don't feel bad about it. It does say right-brain is "fantasy-based" which doesn't sound good.

I couldn't see it any other way either but my other half could see it going anti-clockwise, then clockwise when I pointed it out. Weird.

Clockwise for me.
I'm left-handed, too.

Hard as I try, I cannot see it go anti-clockwise.

Clockwise here - I'm right handed though.

Interesting stuff, though I wish I could see it going BOTH ways, as I don't like to feel as if I'm missing out ;)

Seemed to keep changing direction. Clearly I am psychotic and shouldn't be allowed out.

clockwise for me, but when i watched for an extended time she momentarily wobbled between the two. i'm semi-ambidextrous so maybe that makes a difference.

What does seeing it both ways mean?

Starts anti-clockwise but I can see it clockwise too.

I'm right hand to write, left-footed for football. If that helps.

oooooh my one was going anti clockwise but then i never know what time it is or which way left and right are half the time.
i'm quite pleased - no one's ever called me logical or knowing before. and my maths cse grade 2 was obviously just marked wrong after all. and as for reality based....
thank you ever so - i feel like a new person

It's definitely going anti-clockwise for me - which I guess makes sense, given what I do for a living,and that I do dearly love a fact

Fascinating stuff Anne

Clockwise and I'm right handed.

I saw it turning anti clockwise at first, but then I could change it to clockwise.

My two brain halves are fighting it out!

Clockwise for this right-handed writer, but with some squinting was able to make it reverse.

Glad the wind didn't change or would have been stuck being logical all day.

Anti-clockwise when I opened the page. Only her torso was in view.

When I scrolled down, and her extended leg came into view, she was suddenly going clockwise. Whatever perceptual switch had been flicked, I couldn't make her revert. I'm right-handed by the way.

There's a few of these visual system eye/brain tricks circulating at the moment. Seen the one with the illusory green dot running around the circle of pink dots?

Anti-clockwise for a split second, then clockwise after that. So I have a rightist brain. It's 'maths' in the left brain section that's the giveaway I suppose...

it's witchcraft i tells ya!

i'm left handed and the first time i clicked through, i could only see it going anti-clockwise. i came back here to post and then thought, 'hold on, what did it say the two different sets of characteristics were?', went back again and she was still going anti-clockwise. then, as i started to read the right-brain characteristics, she suddenly switched and started going clockwise. weird.

She was moving anti-clockwise when I first opened the page, then I looked away to read the information at the side, looked back and she was moving clockwise. Then after looking for a little while, I glanced away, then she changed back. So, what, first answer counts most, I guess?

clockwise for me - im right handed. cannot for the life of me see it going anti-clockwise.

Clockwise. I work in a 'creative' job, so maybe no surprises there. I'm also very untidy, badly organised, an arch daydreamer and can't even work out my change in a shop.

Remember seeing this on Boing Boing, which is where the Daily Telegraph probably spotted it:

As for me, I see her spinning clockwise, but then I am sinister (a lefty). I can also make it switch fairly easily, does that make me a freak? :)

With that said, Boing Boing points to a MindHacks article that has some rather different explanations to what's going (in the comments), so I'm not sure whether it's a left-brain vs. right-brain issue.

Another right-handed clockwise person, can't see it anti-clockwise!

I can make her change direction by using the scroll bar to crop her off above or below the waist. If I view her from the knees down, I can get her hopping on one leg and swinging the other in front of her like a pendulum.

She has to be in silhouette for the illusion to work, doesn't she? That's what creates the ambiguity about which leg she's supporting herself on.

I'm sounding a bit more logical and analytical now, aren't I?

...but not logical enough to sign the last post.

Anti-clockwise initially (I'm right handed) but if you concentrate hard enough you can make her swing both it were.

Mine was Clockwise, and I'm right handed. Huzzah!

It's going anticlockwise, but then if you look away it changes direction. It's weird. I'm left handed

It's going anticlockwise, but then if you look away it changes direction. It's weird. I'm left handed

At first, I could only make it go clockwise (I'm left-handed and have many right-brain qualities) but then my brother looked at it and he only saw it as anticlockwise. Then, we both stared at it for a while and we could make her switch directions easily. the right/left handed thing may work; my brother is right-handed.

I could only see it go clockwise, then all of a sudden it switched, and I couldn't understand how I could have ever seen it differently. I can switch directions at will. Right handed here

Anticlockwise at first then I blinked and it was going clockwise and I couldn't make it change back. Freaky but fun!

I've just looked at it again. it was going anti-clockwise and then it changed direction.


Maybe I'm a politician.

I'm happy to say I can choose which way I see her going. not sure if I believe the right-brain/left-brain idea behind it, though I did once do a brain dominance test that told me i was 50% left, 50% right.

I am right handed and saw her spinning clockwise most of the time, though she did go the other way now and then. However, although I tried, I couldn't MAKE her go one way or the other.

Hmm-spatial awareness? Maybe it was when I read that she turned the other way...

rats - there was me thinking i was all mathsy and logical and stuff then i looked at it again yesterday to show 'er indoors and the buggers going clockwise now and no matter what i do (times tables included) i can't make it go back the other way.
i wish i'd never looked at
this now

That is the strangest thing I've ever seen. At first, all I could see was counter-clockwise. This disturbed me, as I am left-handed and a designer. However, once I looked more closely, she flipped when I squinted my eyes. Now I can't get her to go back the other way again.

anit-clockwise and I'm left handed, should I be worried :)

I'm right-handed and initially she was going anti-clock wise but I could make her go either way really easily... something's wrong with me! Although I'm starting to think it's a con. Maybe sceptics see in all directions.

What Claire said (although I'm a righty). Oddest thing I've seen in a while.
I wish I'd seen it before the direction was mentioned. I wanted it to be clockwise to prove the artistic imaginative wonder that is me. It was slightly less than easy to change. Very 'magic eye' kind of eyeball abuse.

I can't see it as going anything other than very obviously clockwise. Is it a trick? Maybe it does different things randomly...

To switch from Clockwise to Counter-clockwise, try this experiment: while keeping your right eye open, gently cover it with a hand. With your face perpendicular to the image, rotate your head to the left so that your uncovered left eye is about 45 degrees to the left of center of the dancing lady. While looking straight ahead on that 45 degree axis, use your peripheral vision to track the dancing lady. Remember not to look directly at her as this will negate the use of brainpower needed to process images at the periphery. Eventually, you should notice the lady reverse course. You should be able to look head on with both eyes at this point. For an additional cool experiment, while looking straight onto the lady, gently cover one eye. While looking directly at her with only one eye, quickly switch - back & forth - covering one eye at a time and you'll notice a change in the contrast. Each eye will perceive the image as darker or lighter than the image in the other eye.

Do you see the survey about this? very interesting results:

Right Brain vs Left Brain Survey / Poll

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