Knitted paper chain

Every year, I peak too soon for Christmas. I get really excited around now (or October, usually), feel guilty because everyone's moaning about it coming earlier every year, don't do any shopping for fear of social stigma and then when it's a respectable (last minute) time to shop I don't feel like it. So I thought I'd start thinking at least, and tagging anything that catches my eye (with the word Shopping). This year I'd like to support small traders and independent shops, particularly British ones. If you can buy online, even better. I've got a few to mention but would like tips. Something lovely and unique please, and not too pricey.

So following on from Present & Correct and We Live Here comes All The Fun of The Fair based in London's Kingly Court. They make brilliant hand-knitted creations like the festive paper chain above, or supercute knitted cupcakes. The Knit Your Own Bunting kit is an all-year round festive must have.

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