A lovely John Hinde dawdlr
Breathing the sea air

Hooray, dawdlr has cranked into action. Russell proposed this a while ago as "a twitter for the long now". The idea is you write what you're up to, y'know, more generally, on a postcard and mail it to the dawdlr address. Very high tech. The results go up in a leisurely fashion every 6 months. What appears is a dreamy little slice of life. The physical aspect of different cards coming from all directions with their handwriting and fancy stamps makes it very rich. And the serendipity of all the thoughts is wonderful. It's 6 months to the next update so there's plenty of time if you fancy joining in. In this digital age it's good to see the postal service getting a bit of business.


A quick hello whilst I'm at work (our email is down hence the somewhat public message).

And a belated thanks for the Scotland information, I'm sorry for not thanking you earlier, unfortunately it's been a busy few weeks and attending family illnesses have taken the lions share of my time. Thankfully it seems one and all are on the mend which is good as we due off on our Northern jaunt on Sunday.

And finally for now thanks for the Dawdlr post. It's another wonderful idea from a man the government should pay just to come up with these things that make the uk a lovelier place to live in. I'm very excited by his Interesting Audio idea and can't wait for next years Interesting 2008 . . .

Love and stuff, Simon James x

Yay, the next update is on my birthday. I think I'll send a card in, and it can be like a birthday card to myself in the future. Or something.

Nice idea. Now, if only we could all lay our hands on a stock of quality postcards...

Hmmm. I see your ploy.

Ah. Rumbled.

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