Ukranian POW Chapel, Hallmuir

Nothing To See Here's latest feature is about the Ukranian Prisoner of War Chapel in Hallmuir (near Lockerbie in the Scottish Borders). It's a truly amazing place, built in 1947 by POWs who were shipped to Scotland from Rimini because it wasn't safe for them to go home. The chapel is a little shrine of handmade treasures - the chandelier is made from tinsel and coathangers; the candlesticks from shell-casings. It's still in use as so many of the men married into the local community. Open all year round, it's well worth a visit.

I definitely need to visit this lovely chapel!

Coincidentally today I've been speaking to a friend's 96 year old Grand-dad who was stationed in Scotland during the 2nd World War and shortly after. All he recalled was that the Italian POWs were a bit lazy and spent much of their time leering after Scots women. Surely they couldn't have been that lazy to produce such a pretty chapel out of very meagre resources?

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