K8 phone box tea towels

More stylish gifts - K8 Telephone Box tea towels from The Twentieth Century Society. £12 the pair, plus a brief history of the phone box by Gavin Stamp. Order today! (PDF).

Bruce Martin’s K8 was the last red, cast iron telephone box ever to be constructed in the UK. As such it represents the final stage in the lineage of a design that has become nothing short of a global icon, a symbol of Britain. In the same manner that Gilbert Scott modernised his K2 for his 1936 K6 kiosk, so Bruce Martin reworked Scott’s classic K6 ‘Jubilee’ kiosk for a new era – responding to the most complex brief ever issued for a piece of street furniture.

Vandal-proof, weather-proof and easy to maintain– the K8 should have been the modern equivalent of the 1930’s K6. But when BT began de-commissioning boxes in 1984 – K8’s were the first in the firing line and at the time, were too young to be protected by English Heritage’s 30 year listing rule. - 60's icon faces extinction.

Proceeds help the K8 campaign to preserve the phone boxes, and develop the Twentieth Century Society's website. I was their web administrator for a while and can confirm that they're doing a difficult job on a shoestring. Phone box fiends may also enjoy Kiosk Korner.

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