George Square, Glasgow

More postcards, more George Square. Nothing To Write Home About is a collection of John Hinde postcards, put together by Susan Beale and Michelle Abadie. The messages on the back are included, so it's like dawdlr from 40 years ago. Designed as "a photographic album, a social record, an historical document, humorous tourism, a celebration of Britain, a trip down memory lane, it celebrates the exquistness of the everyday". Part of the proceeds go to Carers UK and there's a celebrity postcard auction at the start of December. Available from Amazon and other good bookshops.


i'm going to be very very poor in no time if you keep tempting me with all these marvelous treasures. my xmas list is full already.

Well, that's good. I think. I'm the same. I keep buying one for a present and one for myself ;(

the exquisitness of the everyday is a really lovely phrase i reckon.

Thanks for making me aware of this book. I like the whole genre of ephemera as virtual-time-machine books. Another good one is Around the World, which was just published by Princeton Architectural Presss.

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