Princeton Architectural Press sent me a lovely pile of books. I get asked to write about things now and then, but not many freebies. It was nice in this case to get the goods, and feel like the batch was tailor made. So I'm happy to give them a plug:

They didn't send this but it looks good:

Lucky you with the free books! Mingering mike is king. It's so nice that we have found out about him before he died, pretty rare with true outsider artists.

Princeton make great books, I'll be sure to check the ones I don't know. The Hand Job book is also excellent, on my list...

Hi Charlie - you're right, I am very lucky. They were so nice about it too. It's a great example of blogger outreach - sending quality items to people who might be interested. Maybe you could contact them and get on their list? They seem very approachable.

Did you see that Mingering Mike spread in the Guardian? Ace.

Objects with Unexpected Significance: didn't you once link to a site with a similar theme? Was it called 'Special Object'?

Guerilla Art: last year a mysterious guerilla art campaign was waged against dog mess in my neighbourhood. Offending turds were framed, either with circles of shaving foam or with actual picture frames, and festooned with little flags and other decorations. Punning or cryptic slogans were chalked on the pavement beside them. It drew enough attention to feature briefly in the local press.

Oh yeah, Special Item. Well remembered! I knew that book reminded me of something.

I like the sound of the turd art. Did it stop the offenders?

The turd art was a great but futile gesture. Inevitably.

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