Mablethorpe chalet

The first run of I like postcards is almost sold out so order now if you want to catch them. They're going on sale in Manchester next week at CUP/Vox Pop on Thomas St. They're also for sale in Glasgow's fab Hitherto and Edinburgh's equally fine Red Door Gallery. I'm thinking about doing a new set of 8 so will probably spend my money on that rather than reprinting the first lot. Hence the reminder for anyone who wants to stock up.

Update: Paypal problem should be fixed now.

I bought some for my dad for his birthday from the Red Door, he loves them (so did I when I had a sneak peak before posting), I think he's started reading your blog as a result.

That's fantastic. How tickled I am - two generations! Hello Katherine's dad if you're reading.

I was at my mate Pete's for his Halloween film party and he still had your Jug Of Tea card stuck on his fridge. I gave it to him for his birthday back in August.

'Pride of place' was the expression that he used!

I bought my postcards a while ago with the full intention of sending them to friends - but they're now pinned up all around my desk... Oops.

Anne, I was at a Young Knives gig on Tuesday, and the girl running the merchandise stall was driving a hard bargain for my 'I Like' badge (that I got with my postcards) - 3 Young Knives badges for my one - but I stood my ground, and gave her your web address instead!

These stories are making me very happy. I had wondered if it was worth doing, but it really has. Nice to reach out into the offline world.

And well done Maria - I would have caved. Were The Young Knives good? I would have gone if it hadn't been Bonfire Night.

smashing - i'll get some more from vox pop while i'm record shopping next week. they're top of my presents for everyone list and i need more cos i can't bear to part with my two sets - one for around the house and one for best.
look forward to the new ones.

Thanks Ally - it looks like a good shop. I'm very flattered that they asked me!

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