Gateshead Get Carter car park

We Live Here from Sheffield make wonderful art prints, t-shirts and accoutrements featuring risky modern buildings. The prints feature Owen Luder's Get Carter car park in Gateshead, soon to be demolished apparently, Sheffield's Egg Box, New Roxy Disco and Cooling Towers, remaindered from a long gone power station. If you like these, wait 'til you see the memorial Sheffield Castle Market Greasy Spoon Mug.

Sheffield Castle Market greasy spoon mug

Deep joy. Thanks Simon James for the tip (via Creative Review blog).

Yes, the Owen Luder Get Carter car park IS going. The "regeneration" of Gateshead shopping area began this week.

Nice mug, though!

Very cool! I really like the mug. The image is great and it seems like the handle would function well.

I was in Newcastle/ Gateshead at the weekend - glad i got to see the carpark (from the Baltic)

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