I've been a bit distracted for the past few days so here's a musical interlude. Stereolab's Wow and Flutter on YouTube. God, I love this song. They were always so cool, it's good to see them pratting about in capes. Nice line in Open University-style infographics too.

Once upon I time when I lived in London I worked with Mary at the Scala Cinema, Kings Cross. She worked in the box office, I was a projectionist. She had just got involved with Stereolab and it was all about to kick off. She was a lovely person.
Strangely a couple of years later, i was wandering about Brisbane Australia in my Scala Staff t shirt- and mary's sister who was also in a band came right up and said hello.

quality moves too. an excellent way to start the day ta very much

Thanks Anne, I'm going to go home and dig that album out.

Hi Gair, that's a nice story about Mary. It is very sad watching these old videos.

Lovely. But sad. It was like there was a Mary shaped hole onstage when they played Koko last year...

Nice cape twirling though - Rick Wakeman meets Anthea Redfern. Don't they all look young?

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