Teacup ride, Cromer Knickerbocker glory, Millport

The second set of I like postcards are ready. There's cafe action and seaside fun ahoy. It's like a little holiday in your hand. A thousand thanks to davidthedesigner for working his magic once again.

Order now for Christmas.

Hello Anne

I'm back from Scotland (thanks again for the tips). We had a great time despite the near constant rain - I'll be back again as soon as I can, despite my fear of a nation whose inhabitants eat Macaroni Pies !

Two packs of postcards purchased - excellent stuff as ever. Unfortunately I won't be able to bare to part with them so that's two extra christmas gifts for me . . .

Simon James x

Just received my two sets of this new series of postcards, and they are really lovely. One set for a discerning designer friend, and one for me! They're beautifully printed with crisp and vivid colours, not to mention the quality selection of fantastic photographs.

Get your orders in now, people!

And I didn't even pay you to say that.

Mine just arrived and they're ace! Thanks, Anne (and David) :)

I'm being selfish and have ordered them just for myself. Thanks Anne.

Got mine this weekend. Even nicer than the last lot.

Great photos, proper stiff substantial card, quality colour printing. I've not seen reds that lip-smackingly vivid since watching Leave Her To Heaven in glorious Technicolour.

Very hard to choose a favourite although you were right to predict Seaview Cafe as a front-runner. Also liking the spooky resemblance of the Southwold binoculars to some kind of Pete Fowler cartoon skull-face. And generally liking the trademark I Like combo of homely subject matter and modernist geometric composition - truly you are the Mondrian of the miniature railway.

Compliments on the fine cards - just the ticket. Many thanks!

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