Tuesday nights won't be the same without Flight of the Conchords. I thought it might be a bit heavy on the whimsy at first, but it came up lovely. With The Mighty Boosh on on Thursdays, all it needed was The Likely Lads on a Wednesday for a perfect midweek run of great comedy duos. Here are most of the songs (if not all), roughly in order. It's hard to pick a favourite although Foux de fa fa is up there.

There's a full run down on the Flight of the Conchords (TV) Wikipedia page. Haste ye back, as we say in Scotland.

I too shall miss it (and your comedy evening triple does indeed sound like three evenings worth staying in for). My favourites are "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" which is as good for the dancing as much as the song, I particularly enjoy the line about being more constructive with feedback - reminds me of one hundred and one performance management training sessions at HMRC, and "If You're Into It" which is wonderfully childlike given it's adult content - I love the ryhming . . .

When the Boosh finishes what are we going to ?

Simon James x

mutha flippin' funny foux de fa fa slayed me.
i've got to watch all these now - there goes the afternoon.

"Think About It" is my favorite only because of the line about monkeys. I replayed that over & over.

I can't wait for the dvds to come out!

I can't believe that I missed this series. Thanks for pointing them my way!

Oh we've been loving Flight of the Conchords too, I'm not sure what my favourite song is, possibly Foux de fa fa. Thanks for mentioning Hitherto on the blog, I finally made a visit last week and found my boyfriend the perfect present!

I think my favorite is Business Time. I love it when he says about keeping his black socks on, "that's why their called business socks."

I gave their first season DVD to 4 people for Christmas.

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