Lovely cow

I wouldn't normally comment on something like this, not being a designer like, but Pentagram's redesign of Dairy Today magazine is fantastic. Look at these cows - they're as glamorous as movie stars (via Acejet170).

They're very well presented, but has Mr Stout a full grasp on the bovine sense of humor?

Ooh that is good isn't it. It achieves that process of making me want to buy something without having any real interest to its content.

Like this from the the Russell Davies blog :

Simon James x

who knew cows could be so fancy!

Mmm Dairy Today, sounds like the guest publication on "Have I Got News For You"!

Wow, glamorous is right. I've never seen cows look so good!

totally gorgeous. i know you've been worrying about the quality of telly just now. maybe it would be more fun leafing through this! :)

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