Vintage LOT label

How tickled I am to be guest editor on Coudal Partner's excellent Fresh Signals. I'm a long-time admirer of their work so it's a real honour to get the keys to the door. I've been trawling through the I like archives looking for forgotten gems. The first is Aerolot, a fansite for LOT Polish Airlines which is full of beautifully designed vintage airline ephemera. More to come at Coudal throughout the month.

Great, a heady combination of two of my favourite treasure hunting reads!

Fresh Signals included a link to my World's Coolest Ephemera contest today. It's great for ephemera enjoy the spotlight, and having someone with your eye for ephemera with the 'key to the door' is a big plus for everyone who enjoys this niche. Congrats.

Thanks both. Marty - that looks like a great content. Must see if I have anything worthy of entry.

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