Lovely France

Popcards.Fr has a fullsome collection of kitschy and accidentally beautiful French postcards from the 50s-70s. I felt compelled to look at every one and they're all good. There's a deeply strange men's lib section - shifty looking blokes trying to look natural in unnatural settings - reading a story to one's imaginary friend, or writing a novel on a whoopee cushion. And À la ville is full of boring postcards from the Playtime era. Lovely stuff.

many thanks for mentionning our site and for your kind and witty comments. I'm adding you to our links.

I guess you may like this week's publication, a dozen of unlikely working men.

We add a dozen postcards every week and we hope you will continue to enjoy them.

The kitsch images reminded me of this site which i think you will enjoy is great!

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