Flip Flop Flying (with a 'g', sister to Flip Flop Flyin') is one of my top 5 blogs ever. Craig, who writes it, is a very talented artist but the blog is more about daily life than great art; It's quite random and grumpy sometimes, and overall, human. So now something exciting has happened - Craig has packed his bags, left Berlin and is wandering about South America, posting brilliant pictures of daily life over there. Latest installments include going to a bullfight and the joy of Mexican house numbers.

hi anne!

oh, i loved the house numbers!!! i like to see the city where i live through someone else's eyes.

thanks anne. how kind of you.

I've been enjoying Craig's blog for a while now and over the last few weeks it's been very good indeed.
The photographs and the writing re the Mexican trip have been excellent, and the Christmas Day entry was a real treat.

I hadn't got around to leaving a comment for Craig so given that he seems to read I Like I'll leave it here ! Thanks Craig . . .

Simon James x

Simon James - Yes, I loved the Christmas Day one too.

Craig - I was worried you'd be writing less on your travels. Good to see you're getting more prolific. Happy trails!

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