I like has had a makeover at last. It's only taken 4 years or so. Thanks to all of you who commented on the proposal. I made changes as a result, hopefully for the better. Despite best efforts I can't find a copy of the old, much-loved font, so it's Clarendon all the way. I've only changed over the home page at the moment, in a real fur coat and no knickers style. Once it's had a chance to settle in (and I've had a break from looking at it all) I'll do the rest. Ach, it's all RSS these days anyway, does anyone still care about this stuff?*

If you have comments/complaints do chip in. Otherwise, it'll be business as usual. There will be more tweaks to come, but I wanted to get something up rather than tinkering forever.

*Obviously I do or I wouldn't have bothered.

i think it looks great + maybe you'll find the font along the way. i started using google reader awhile ago + i really appreciate it when people subscribe to my feed or email updates, but honestly i'm back to old-fashioned surfing on actual sites because i do like to see their personalized homepages happy new year!

Thanks mod*mom. I know what you mean - I still read some sites the old-fashioned way because they look so nice. Happy 2008 to you too!

I like it.

RSS ? Not for me . . . I prefer maitaining a luddite approach and visiting each of the many blogs in person (yours and Russell Davies first mind).

Take care and hope it all goes without too many technical hitches.

Simon James x

Lovely, lovely Clarendon. If I had a daughter, I'd call her Clarendon.

Richard, I hold you partly responsible for getting me into it in the first place. Just as well you only have boys though.

Hi Anne,
Happy New Year!
Well done on your new site update. I should take a leaf from your book, I haven't had a site re-vamp for two years!!
It looks great - as always!

I recognise that 'new image' sign ... I passed that dilapidated shop front earlier today!


looking mighty fine there little lady. and yes i do care about this stuff. lots.

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