The Tunnock's Factory, Uddingston

Latest entry on Nothing To See Here is an appreciation of the Tunnock's factory in Uddingston, near Glasgow. Not only are we Scots lucky enough to dine on their wondeful sweetmeats all day every day, but we're within easy reach of their factory and tea room, which sells rare Tunnock's products. I was lucky enough to go on a factory tour last year, which was a real Willy Wonka experience. Fans who can't make it inside will have to gaze on the illuminated Caramel Wafer and dream.

My boyfriend is from Paisley. Whenever we visit we always stuff our faces full of them. You can get them here in Australia but they taste stale and crap, and there is nothing like having a cup of tea and a tea cake at the local abbey with you boyfriends father.

Oh and the post below. I am addicted to Gordan Ramsey. I love the show and got my boyfriend on the download. I think the thing I like about him is he rewards hard word, no matter how good looking you are, if you don't work, he hates you. I like that a lot.

I also love the US Office, a lot.

RARE tunnock's products ? what ? how ? it's not fair.

The great lost biscuit works of Glasgow has to be the huge block just south of the Kingston Bridge, which is now yet another self-storage centre. In its glory days it made the Gray Dunn caramel wafer- admittedly a granny biscuit, but the way you could pull apart the layers set it apart from the unified tunnocks product...It had a huge illuminated sign too.

Ally - it's perfectly fair. It's a sort of karmic payback from being so far away from everything else. I'll send you some if you like. We could do with a reason for another trip.

Gair - the sign was there until quite recently. I did hope they were going to keep it. I could never get attached to their products though. The wafer was too stiff and those bald ones, a wafer with no chocolate? That's not right. Tunnock's all the way!

rare tunnocks can never be turned down - fill your pockets and we'll have anything that's left. you're very kind.

yaers ago i always bought tunnock caramel wafers without the chocolate on
do they still make them as i would buy them by the box . of em. many thx tipper

Much preferred the Gray Dunn version without the chocolate. But it seems like a lot of things from my childhood they are no longer available

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