The BBC has a list of the top 25 TV put downs which made me think of my personal favourite - Morrissey interviewed on Later With Jools Holland last year. After a deeply uncomfortable 5 minutes Moz comes out with a cracker. Morrissey 1 - Jools 0.

Watched this out of curiosity but it wasn't very funny. Morrissey is a hypocritical egotist. It's a shame when people become so arrogant.

I like Morrissey.
I don't like Jules.
I think it's as simple as that...did you see I tagged you by the way...

excellent..moz has still got it..nice blog

great interview. its what sets maoz apart. sorry anne....he's got to be hypocritical in the business hes in and he has a level of intelligence and a world weariness that makes him so endearing...why should he play the game

Interesting to see a bit of debate here. I totally understand that Morrissey can be a total arse but I think he knows it, and plays on it so it becomes (for me) part of his charm. He's become part of the establishment while still having an anti-establishment thing going on. I like that.

My favourite Mozzism? His insistence, while battling it out in court with the Smiths' old rhythm section, on referring to them constantly as 'Rick and Bruce'...

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