Knitted milk

Nicole Gastonguay makes wonderful things. There's a lot of knitted stuff around at the moment but this stands out as a cut above the rest. I had real trouble picking a favourite - check out her gallery for knitted sardine cans, robots and boom boxes (via Tantramar).

Update: Apologies to all crafters. Han has kindly pointed out that these are crocheted not knitted. Just ignore that headline, then. I can't think of a pun on crochet at this time of the morning.

I agree - these are awesome, especially that sad ol' TV dinner :(

They're crocheted, not knitted though. Sorry to be so pedantic....I tried not to be, I really did....nggghhhh

marvelous - the robot is my favourite. and the sardines. and the hot dog...
i really fancy knitting stupid stuff but knitting shops are way too scary and i haven't got a clue how you do it. it's not going to happen is it ?

Ah, sorry Han. I'm so handless with all that stuff I can't tell the difference. It explains why they look so good though. Thanks!

those are amazing!

I'm afraid they're not even crocheted. It looks like she just got plastic canvas and cut it to make milk cartons.

quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen!

Love these. Reminds me of the Blur video for Coffee and TV.

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