After complaining about the telly a few weeks ago it's starting to improve. Coming up:

  • Magnetic North (tonight, BBC Four, 21:00-22:00) - Jonathan Meades goes in search of "northerness". Hard to imagine anyone more "southern" but he's usually good value. Pies and Prejudice by Stuart Maconie also explores this topic in an entertaining way. This clashes with
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look which shows all signs of being brilliant.
  • Caledonia Dreamin' (BBC Four, Friday, 22:00-23:00) - the history of Postcard Records of Scotland. The influence of this tiny label is so huge and the people involved are so engaging. This should be great.
  • How to Murder Your Wife (BBC Four, Saturday, 22:30-00:25) - I do love this film. Jack Lemmon as a put-upon cartoonist; Terry-Thomas as his valet, shot in 1960s New York. So good.
  • I've got drawn into Masterchef but not enough to be too bothered about who wins. Emily seems sparky though.
  • Pulling (BBC2, Mondays) is half-way through the series (and I've seen it before) but it's great.
  • Started and not finished: Grand Designs, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA, Ashes to Ashes.

Anything else?

yes! I haven't seen them all, but 'Citizen Smith' (on BBC4, not the sitcom) has been really interesting. You can watch the latest episode on iPlayer:

I saw the tail end of that the other night and it looked good. Had ignored it up 'til then because I thought it was the old "Wolfie" Citizen Smith. Calling a new programme after an old programme shouldn't be allowed.

It's almost as if Russell has done this for you ! How does he continue to do this stuff so well . . .

Simon James x

Yeah Masterchef is great, I'm loving it. Every time it's on I feel like booking a table for dinner somewhere nice. Oh, and as Emily is John's favourite she's probably going to win.

Hi Anne, That Caledonian Dreamin' programme was so garbage. Did you see the Jacques Brel thing that was on earlier. That was good.

Oh no, really? I haven't watched it yet. Ah well. Haven't seen the Jacques Brel thing but Neil said it was really good. Will give it a shot.

What did you reckon to Mitchell & Webb? Maybe not quite as funny as the last series?

And the best sketch on it - 'bronze orientation day' - was lifted from their Radio 4 series. Which was often funnier than the TV stuff.

I thought it was a bit disappointing in parts but brilliant in others. My fave was the football sketch but the bronze one was good too. The hospital one was rubbish. I like the way some of their sketches go on for so long, but they really do them justice. I'm hoping there's something as good as Fish and Cushion in there somewhere.

This is a polite blog. So I will agree that Caledonia Dreaming was garbage.

Anyone wanting to use stronger words is free to do so over at my place.

Oh lordy. You're so right. Garbage is a nice word for what it was. I've got something to say about it so will rant at a later date.

Hesitated to offer up Mad Men when you initially requested TV show suggestions--I wasn't sure whether it had found its way over the UK. Now I see it will be starting this Sunday on BBC4 at 10pm (via Guardian website). We loved this when it aired in the US last year. Seems like it might be up your alley; love to know how it strikes you.

It's been trailed for what seems like forever so I'm looking forward to seeing it at last. Glad to hear it lives up to the hype.

Glad to see the FLW quote put to good use Anne ;) I once used it for a title on a (potential) conference paper -- sadly turned down :( -- no doubt because the content didn't live up to its scintillating title!

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