We've been in Dumfries & Galloway this weekend, visiting family. We go there a lot and it's not the most interesting part of the world at the best of times. The whole place closes from September to March so we were really scraping the bottom of the barrel, entertainment-wise. Still, we saw:

Sanquhar Post Office

The world's oldest post office in Sanquhar.

Kirkpatrick Fleming's grave

A memorial to Kirkpatrick Macmillan who invented the bicycle in Keir Mill. He's not exactly a household name which seems a bit unfair. Imagine a world without bikes.

Anwoth Old Church

And Anwoth Old Church from The Wicker Man. It was all shot around here so you can't move without tripping over one of the locations.

Apart from that there were cows, sheep, lambs, deer, pheasants, ponies, my first red squirrel and lots and lots of snowdrops. The weather was beautiful so it was lovely to wander about even if it was freezing at times.

Hi Anne, I went to Dumfries last November ... and seemed to spend most of my time in graveyards too!
It was very lovely though - a nice part of Scotland I'd never been to before.

i love the uk in feb. honest! romantic, empty and not as dreary as one would imagine, even in the rain, sleet or snow...

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