After that last post, Mitchell & Webb was a bit patchy and Caledonia Dreamin' was downright awful. Like Seven Ages of Rock which seemed to have been researched by 20-year olds using wikipedia, the explanation of who was influential and in what order was way off. There were some glaring omissions - Lloyd Cole and Aztec Camera were glossed over; The Jesus and Mary Chain and Alan McGee didn't feature. Neither did The Pastels, The Vaselines, Mogwai, Arab Strap and The Beta Band, plus many more. Instead there was too much of what a commenter on The Vinyl Villain eloquently calls "the hated Hue & Cry/Del Amitri/Deacon Blue axis". What a waste. This could have been interesting. Some nice clips of Orange Juice and Altered Images though.

On the upside, writing about the telly got me an invite to Watchification, Russell (and Steve and Roo)'s new blog which curates the best televisual highlights - a sister to speechification which does the same for the radio. First up, Magnetic North which I thought was great. Jonathan Meades is never going to win any Plain English awards but he's interesting and funny. I learnt a lot (like where gin and scousers got their names) and am greatly looking forward to the next part.

What about Cocteau Twins!

'...seemed to have been researched by 20-year olds using wikipedia...'

Is that the first ever sighting of middle-aged grump on I Like?

Welcome! (Beckons with crooked finger in sinister fashion).

How very dare you?!

Actually, not a comment against 20-somethings themselves. I meant people who were too young to have taken the events in first-hand. I know what you mean though. I did wonder if it would sound curmudgeonly. Bugger.

I love Jonathan Meades, he did a brill documentary about Belgium about ten years ago.

You all realize that Brel documentary's already been on about a trillion times already? (It is fab though).

Don't forget (as if BBC4 will let you) that 'Mad Men' starts next Sunday.

They seem to have been running 'that' ad every hour, on the hour since last October. I wouldn't mind but there were about two dozen to choose from on the US website before it's Stateside premiere.

Apparently it's so period specific that an 'Etch-a-sketch' given as a birthday gift in the script had to be changed to a 'Slinky' as the show is set in early 1960 and 'Etch-a-sketch' didn't debut until the following Christmas.

Caledonia Dreamin' made me very nostalgic for how crap the 80s really were. It also made me wonder how I'd failed to become a Del Amitri fan when clearly they were much more important than the Mary Chain ever were. I got confused by the weird way time worked in that documentary- one moment it was Orange Juice, the next it was Pulp. Oh actually I seem to have almost made a joke there- by accident. I was kind of excited at the start of the program at the thought of seeing a young Bobby Gillespie maybe, or someone from one of the many d-i-y record lables that I used to hoover up 7" singles from, but sadly it just made me have flashbacks to when a girl at school did her English presentation on how great Hue and Cry were.

It did lead to me writing about how kids these days don't know they're born etc etc elsewhere on the internets- so maybe it had subliminal 'you are now old' messages in it.

I hated Jonathan Meades, I just wasn't feeling cerebral enough that evening!

I'm surprised you're the first to say so, unless everyone else is just being polite. He is hard work but I like the way he deflates himself now and then by doing something totally ridiculous.

Thanks for the links to Roddy Frame and Lloyd Cole's sites. I did know about them and have wasted an enormous amount of time there tonight.

...I DIDN'T KNOW about them...sorry, I guess I was still swooning a little over them.

Well, that wasn't time waster in my books. They're both superb. Nice to know they've got a new fan.

How could they miss all of them out???

My husband worked at Brixton Academy when he first moved to London to make a bit of extra money - he realised it was time to leave when Deacon Blue played for the 4th time. The opening chords to "Dignity' still send a shiver down his spine, not in a good way either!

Your meme posted reminded me of being in 6th year at school, me and my other indie friends would have The Smiths playing on the common room tape recorder and one of the prefects would always come in and try to put Fairground Attraction on.

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