Got a bit of sad news today from audiac - Glasgow's RAFA Club is closing this weekend. An anonymous-looking little place off Woodlands Road, it's an indie mecca, hosting characterful club nights within its quirky walls. Certainly I used to go there back in the day, first to Good Foot, then Twister and some club that Alan Horne (of Postcard) ran for a while, amongst others. It's a brilliant venue. There's a ballroom downstairs that has a huge Mod target printed on the ceiling and a mural of fighter planes down one wall. Pictures of the Queen everywhere. Were there Airfix models hanging from the ceiling or is that the drink talking? The dancefloor was just big enough and it was dingy in a sort of atmospheric way. The booze was cheap and the (ex-RAF) bar staff were lovely. They'd make you a hot toddy when it got cold. It was weird going in (wasn't there something odd like you had to buy a raffle ticket to get in?); indie kids shuffling past the veterans but everyone got along fine. My favourite memory was turning up early one night to find that the charity danceathon in aid of Childline was overrunning. There were lots of 12-year old in leotards jumping about while the bowlies lined up on the stairs. It was that kind of place.

If you'd like to pay your last respects National Pop League are doing their Little League night there on Friday. Somebody get some photos, will ya? As a musical tribute, here's a song that really reminds me of going there:

This used to be a Good Foot favourite, although it's more baroque pop than northern soul. That was one of the great things about growing up in Glasgow. These clubs provided such a great musical education and there were lots of blurred lines between different tastes and genres. And good influences beget good bands which explains why Glasgow's produced so many of them. I hope the old place gets a good send off tomorrow.

This made me come over a bit wistful. Which is funny, since I've never been to Glasgow, or been that much into indie. Just a very evocative piece of writing...

Dingy but atmospheric is the way to go for teenagers in any place and any decade. All your best memories will belong to places like that.

I wish I'd seen the RAFA club. And now I've got Here Comes The Queen running around my head.

What a shame, we only went there once, that was when the lovely Camera Obscura had a party to mark the end of the recording of their last album. We followed football legend Pat Nevin into the place and we all had a good laugh about having to sign the guest book. You can see some pictures of the night here

A sad loss.

Postcard I hear you say! You might "like" Caledonia Dreamin' BBC4 22.02.08: 22:00-23:00

Caledonia Dreamin' reveals the hidden history of Scottish pop music, including how a small record label inspired bands like Orange Juice, Altered Images, Wet Wet Wet and Franz Ferdinand.

Yes, most definitely!

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