The 2Is coffee bar, Soho

Found in the Finisterre (and Geoffrey Fletcher's London) Flickr group, this great set of colour photos show London in all its swinging glory. The 1950s set has a rare pic of the famous 2I's Coffee Bar in action. The 1960s are even better - it's hard to pick a favourite although I love this bit of spiky modernism, and the Post Office Tower when it was brand new. There's a lovely imperfection about them all.

cor blimey these are absolutely marvelous - thankyou ever so for the pointer

very nice
good find

Gorgeous collection.

Covent Garden as a working fruit and veg market, smoke coming out of poor old Battersea Power Station's chimneys, and a Lord Mayor's parade that my mum and dad took me to - Tommy Steele threw me one of those plastic Union jacks off the back of a float!

Thanks, Anne, these are fantastic - it's like my memories as a 3 year old growing up round Holborn in 1964 coming back to life!

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