Inside the Get Carter car park

FP has written a lovely tribute to the Trinity Square car park in Gateshead, made famous by its starring role in 70s gangster flick Get Carter. After many years as a local landmark, Owen Luder's concrete extravaganza is due to be torn down in the next few months to make way for a Tesco. No point dwelling on this really, just enjoy it while you can. I visited a few years ago, to admire its stately form and many others have made the same pilgrimage. There are some great photos (see above) on Derelict Places. This is what it looks like inside the architectural dangleberry that is the nightclub/restaurant that never came to be. May it rest in pieces.

hi, anne.

how sad.

i worked opposite the car park for a while, first for one of those clasified ads newspapers printed on yellow sheets. then for 'auto trader'.

there was a sainsbury's right behind the car park if i remember right (or maybe a kwik save?). My regular lunch was a sandwich, a bottle of lucozade & a packet of shortbread biscuits.

surely tesco can't offer any better.

Get Carter? That's the Stallone starrer right?

Sort of. There are two and the original one was shot in and around the north of England. Not sure where Sly was in the remake.

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