There's a lot of buzz about the new Cadbury's Trucks advert. I'm afraid I don't like it. To be truthful I didn't really like the drumming gorilla one either. The gorilla itself is fine but this thing of having a random idea, sticking a product on the end and calling that advertising is a bit lazy if you ask me. It won loads of awards though, so maybe there's something about my pedantic, logical brain that's just not getting it. Before I get too churlish, it's funny that youtube highlights another advert about chocolate and trucks which gets straight to the point. Get your laughing gear round this.


nicely pointed out.
I love trucking.

It's a rather laddish advert, I think. I resent the assumption that the footage is meant to make me joyful in some way; it just made me bored.

Have to go up the shops for a Yorkie now though. Where's the keys to the truck?

I don't even begin to understand that drumming Gorilla thing - but am now relieved to note that it isn't just me... so thank God for that.

It's a relief, isn't it? We should start a home for the bewildered.

I think we may now know why T5 is so screwed - the lads are out joyriding the trucks at night...

Yorkie is macho to this day: it currently has a "not for girls" sign on it.

I agree about the monkey but for me, it's that damned Collins that makes me cringe most.

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