I heart me badge

I found this enormous badge when I was rushing through Glasgow today. It was all grubby and broken but still somehow wonderful. The funny thing was, when I found it I was on my way to give a presentation to some people I didn't know about something I don't know much about and it went pretty well. I got post-presentation euphoria. When I got home and fixed the clasp and cleaned it up (in manner of the mice out of Bagpuss) I enjoyed a moment of putting it on and feeling proud of myself. I've got no idea what it's all about (anyone? - can you buy these badges or is it part of an ad campaign or what?) but for something found in the street I've ended up treasuring it. And I thought, hey, maybe we should all heart ourselves a little bit more from time to time.

Well put.

I say hoorah for all of us - quite agree that a bit more loving our ourselves would be a good thing!


I love your story.

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