Mount Baths, Northampton

This great photo, of Mount Baths in Northampton, comes from Played in Britain, a wonderful website documenting "sports-related architectural gems, sporting landscapes and waterscapes, relics and curios of a sporting persuasion". It's beautifully put together with the enthusiasm of a true fan and the weight of an academic volume (it's backed by English Heritage). The galleries are gorgeous, often arresting because these places are so familiar yet few people take the time to look at them properly. If you want to read more there's an excellent booklist, including Liquid Assets: The lidos and open air swimming pools of Britain plus various regional guides.

Howdy. These are known as 'The Mounts Baths' - after the area of town they're in, The Mounts. Opened in 1936. Downloadable 70th anniversary booklet here.

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