Boni's Cafe, Clarkston by Michael Prince

Michael Prince, who took those great photos of the George Hotel has been on a cafe tip lately. He has superb photos of Boni's Cafe in Clarkston, near Glasgow and The Ritz Cafe in Millport. They're both real favourites of mine and feature on the second set of I like postcards. They won't be there forever so enjoy while you can.

Hey Anne and anyone else who might know. Can you please make a list of the cafes, like this, that are in and around Glasgow that are still open.

Michael's images, that you so kindly brought to my attention, are amazing and has inspired me to do the same.

After going to the University Cafe, just before they put the strip lighting in, I was knocked out by the beauty of the timelessness inside. Its now become a bit of a regular spot for desert if we're out for our dinner.


I hate to sound greedy but where are all the decent chippy's?

To your first question, yes I will. I've meant to do that for a while so thanks for the nudge.

To your second, I wish I knew. It's very hard to get a decent bag of chips and I never understand why. Will ask the experts!

I managed a visit down to Boni's today - what an experience. We were some of the first people through the door and were so early that they hadn’t even got the ice cream ready for the day. The ten-minute wait was fine with me as it gave time to have a look around and take in the atmosphere. The sweet lady went onto say that she gets people coming into her cafe to photograph all the time. I’ll defiantly be back but probably a little later than two in the afternoon next time.

It was then onto Queen Café, Victoria Road for a hot chocolate. The shop front was amazing, with the original features of a stain glass window and a very retro sign. Inside was a little disappointing, compared to Boni’s anyway, with plain white walls and far more modern machinery.

The Queen's Café was good but was much more of a working café rather than a time warp of the 60's. In five years time I'd expect to see it rather than old Boni's but I do hope i'm wrong.

It's always good to hear that Boni's is still trading. And isn't their ice cream lovely?

I find the Queen's Cafe a bit disappointing once you get inside. If you're back that way look out for the Bungalow Cafe which is further towards town on the same side. It's quite non-descript from outside but has good food and a warm atmosphere. Must get working on that list.

Hi I was down at Boni's today after seeing pictures of the place on Urban Glasgow Website. Indeed what a beautiful place it is. I explained the owner (the wee lady) that she has a cult following on the internet! She said she felt lifted by that and really suprised as sometimes she sees everyone passing by but not coming in, "I think to myself - do we not exist anymore"... it nearly brought me to tears. I have promised that i will print of the pictures from the internet and show them to her. Wouldnt it be great if one of the local news papers did a wee story on the place. I found out that it opened in 1960.

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