Ladybird: Make your own vase

Ladybird Prints is truly a wonderful thing, selling prints of illustrations from classic Ladybird books. There's a huge selection from different eras, all nicely organised. My favourites are the mid-60s non-fiction books like Things to make and the How it works and Science and Space series. There's something for everyone at only £7.50 a pop (via The Lark).

Oh dear it wrong to want an A0 sized print of knitting?

Seeing that picture reminded me: I have a copy of that "Things to make" book somewhere. I had a whole shelf full of Ladybird books, and I probably still have them all.

what a lovely idea.

this is a genius Idea, talk about proustian rush. I must see if they do a "tootles the taxi" set that was our family's fave.

If you like old Ladybird Books you might enjoy a trip to


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