Tunnock's cyclist

We were at the Tunnock's Tea Rooms in Uddingston again yesterday, ostensibly to pick up a stash of rare Tunnock's products for dustysevens but also to keep an eye on their amazing window displays. Regular readers will know that the window of their bakery is full of fantastic figures made from Tunnock's tea cakes, caramel wafers and the like. The current tableau doesn't disappoint with an array of cyclists and the best yet, tea cake owls:

Tunnock's owl

With a "Monarch of the Glen" deer made from a box of tea cakes in the background. They consistently tread the thin line between madness and genius. It's such a simple idea, to have fun with your own products, but so few companies do it. The lack of big ideas is quite refreshing. Anyway, on a lighter note, their chips were superb. Really light and crispy. The good chip debate continues, with interesting discussion of what the crispy bits are called. Do chip in.

i MUST visit next timer i'm in glasgow.
just fantastic...


These have kept me smiling all day long.

These are the cutest pictures I've seen this year! I'm glad the wonderful dusty7s had a link to your blog :)

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