Ariel Faber catalogue 1970

Publishers Faber and Faber have a fine Flickr stream full of their book covers, catalogues and author photos, old and new. Penguin covers deserve the attention they get but by comparison Faber's covers are hidden treasures. Their Faber 20th Century classics like Ariel (above) are so simple, but so striking. The modern day poetry series with typographic covers continues the text-only tradition (thanks Gareth).

The Bakelite Museum, Somerset

There's a report of our visit to The Bakelite Museum in Williton, Somerset on Nothing To See Here. Probably the best museum ever. Photos on Flickr as usual.

Fried food key

I liked this little diagram, from the Smiler Take Away in Burnham-in-Sea. It's a bit blurry but you should be able to make out the names of fried foods found on their hot shelf with a rough approximation of their shape. The man behind the counter, who was indeed very smiley, explained that he'd knocked it up because he was always being asked what things were. Nice touch, I thought. Continual improvement and all that. Incidentally, he also mentioned that some people think they're England's smallest chippy, but were struggling to corroborate that. It certainly was tiny. So anyone in the chip shop measurement business check it out.

Oyster Shell/2-Ball Screwball

I like it when you go somewhere and find a great hand-painted sign,

Take away food sold here

then another

Fresh donuts

suggesting that one (most probably) talented yet unsung signwriter

Buttered scone

has global dominance, albeit in a very small geographic area.

Ice cold slush

I mean, look at the frosting on that lettering. That is ice cold.

Danny at Weston-super-Mare

Well, we had a smashing time in Somerset despite a bit of bother at the start. The car broke down in Carlisle and we had to get towed back to Glasgow. After scrambling about for a hire car on a Saturday (harder than you think in this day and age) we were off back down the road. Everything else went swimmingly. The weather was great most days and we went to lots of lovely places. I was trying to find one picture that sums it up so here's Danny on the enormous beach at Weston-super-Mare with its impressive pier in the background. I've added what seems like loads of photos onto Flickr with more to come throughout the week. Until then, commiserations to everyone else going back to work tomorrow.

Sorry, we are closed

Just a quick note to say:

  • Thanks to all of you who suggested places to go in the south-west. They sounds brilliant and I'm really excited about going away. The chip debate was also very entertaining so thanks again for all the comments. That's what makes doing this really good fun.
  • Sorry to anyone who has sent me an email recently and not got a response. All my email got eaten a couple of months ago (wiping a few things I was about to mention or reply to, so do resend if you're waiting for an answer). Since then I've been surviving on crappy webmail and just not keeping on top of it. I really appreciate it when people send me email, and it's not like I'm inundated so I just want to apologise and say I'll get round to replying, honestly.
  • Goodbye. Off on holiday now. No internet. Back in a week or so.

There's something I don't quite trust about Goldfrapp. They seem like musical tourists - "now we're visiting folk!", that sort of thing. But that aside, I've been won over by their latest single Happiness and its accompanying video, which is a little bundle of joy (via Creative Review which links to an extensive discussion of whether or not it's any good/what is it ripped off etc). The director, Dougal Wilson has an impressive track record having done Goldfrapp's A&E, Jarvis's Don't Let Him Waste Your Time and that freaky Will Young video.

RW Stevens & Co, Glasgow

I took advantage of the intermittent good weather to snap R W Stevens & Co, an traditional tailors on Glasgow's South Side. It's a wonderful time capsule of school uniforms, Brownie and Cub paraphernalia plus kilts and sporrans and all that jazz. It's hardly changed since opening in 1950 and is still family-owned and run. So much great typography concentrated into one small area.

RW Stevens & Co, Glasgow

More in the Flickr set.

The New Piccadilly now

Gareth found this graffiti on the boarded-up New Piccadilly. It's amazing how one sentence can be funny, evocative and sad, all at the same time.

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Any suggestions for things to do and see in the Weston-Super-Mare/Bristol/Somerset/South Wales region? We're heading down there for whatever the Easter holidays that aren't at Easter are called. The Bakelite Museum is already on the list.

Time for a Holiday. Found on the BFI's youtube channel, this great short film from 1957 shows Blackpool in its element. There's the wonder of the Pleasure Beach, a supergay diving competition, a freak show, and a wonderful hand-painted sign sequence round about the 4-minute mark. All with a jazzy soundtrack. It was made by Oscar-winning cinematographer David Watkin (who sounds like quite a character) for British Transport Films.

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