Fried food key

I liked this little diagram, from the Smiler Take Away in Burnham-in-Sea. It's a bit blurry but you should be able to make out the names of fried foods found on their hot shelf with a rough approximation of their shape. The man behind the counter, who was indeed very smiley, explained that he'd knocked it up because he was always being asked what things were. Nice touch, I thought. Continual improvement and all that. Incidentally, he also mentioned that some people think they're England's smallest chippy, but were struggling to corroborate that. It certainly was tiny. So anyone in the chip shop measurement business check it out.

How small is it? The "wood 'ut" (actually a brick 'ut these days) in Keighley is pretty darn small.

No saveloys? This country...

Gareth - it was pretty small. Only room for three adults waiting at the most, if you wanted to get the door open. I can imagine there might be something smaller though. Any photos of the wood 'ut?

Merson - well spotted. Maybe he didn't have a bendy shape on his computer? Are saveloys present throughout the UK?

Ah - the 'ut is hanger-like in comparison.

I always thought saveloys were a london-and-the-south-east thing?

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